March 6th, Sunday
Adrenaline Stadium
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CAMELPHAT | 06.03.2022 | Adrenaline Stadium
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Who would have thought that in this famous expression lies the popular DJ duo CamelPhat. At the beginning of their journey, they came up with a funny pseudonym "Men from Mars”, under which they released several tracks, but very soon they emerged as CamelPhat. And immediately the popular release of "The Act”, which conquered many with its authenticity and smoothness of sounds.

Until 2014, this was not the case: work and talent helped them hone the reference sound.

The famous track "Cola" recorded with English vocalist Elderbrook became double platinum in Britain and Austria and was nominated for a Grammy!

The culminating meeting with Camelphat will take place at the central event of spring on March 6th at the Adrenaline Stadium.
Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala met at the Liverpool music store 3 Beat Records, and later both were regular DJs at the nightclub Society. 

As a duo, Whelan and Di Scala released music under different names, such as The Bassline Hustlers, Men from Mars, Da Mode, Whelan & Di Scala on various labels, including his own label Bachelor Pad Recordings. 

In 2010 they released their first recordings under the name CamelPhat on their own label Vice Records. Initially, they wore wrestling masks to hide their identity because they "just wanted people to judge the music, not us." The duo has released numerous singles and EP's on various labels, and some CamelPhat tracks have appeared on Ultratop charts in Belgium.

The duo's collaboration with Elderbrook resulted in the international hit "Cola", which took first place on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart and was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.
Adrenaline Stadium
The Adrenaline Stadium Club is one of the largest venues in Moscow, capable of comfortably accommodating up to 7,000 guests, where every spectator will have a direct view of the stage.

The multifunctional, interactive, state-of-the-art space is designed for performances by major world and Russian stars, mass dance parties, sports and gaming events, exhibitions and corporate events.
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