Event tickets with artist Boris Brejcha in Yekaterinburg, September 13, 2019
September 13, 2019

Boris Brejcha @ Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg, ul. Kar'yernaya, 16
September 13 | 23:00

Boris Brejcha today is one of the most original Minimal/Techno musicians in the world, the creator of his own style of High-Tech Minimal, the owner of a unique DJ handwriting.

Brejcha was born in 1981 and began to receive musical education from early childhood. His first electronic tracks were released quite late — in 2006, Boris was already 25 years old, two songs "Monster" and "Yellow Kitchen" were published by the Berlin label Autist Records.

After recording a number of tracks, Boris decides to join the team of artists of the label Harthouse. He chooses a new composing strategy and implements it in the works "Die Maschinen Sind Gestrandet", "My Love", and "Lost Memory", in which his sound is the most variable and not monotonous. In 2007, he was noticed by the editors of the German magazine "Raveline", specialized on electronic music and received the title of "Outstanding talent 2007". Not wanting to interrupt partnership with Autist Records, Boris announces the creation of the second project, ANNA, which develops with his first label.

For the whole creative path of Boris he never had a dramatic career ups. All his achievements are the result of painstaking daily work. Only after 4 years of regular touring, recording and publishing 3 albums and a dozen singles, he was talked about as a new favorite of the international club scene, not just the European one. At this point, Brejcha Finally formulated his philosophy — show people through numerous experiments with sound that minimal techno can be truly meaningful and inspiring, that this genre can be placed much more elements than just infinitely repetitive rhythmic patterns.

In 2012, Boris proposed a short name for his style — High-Tech Minimal, which music critics described as "meaningful music of tomorrow".

The collaboration with Harthouse continues for 7 years and ends with the release of the fourth album, "Feuerfalter". A new stage of life and creativity — the creation and launch of its own label Fckng Serious. The new team of Boris is joined by his old associates and friends Ann Clue and Deniz Bul, together they solve two global problems — writing music and holding big parties around the world.

In early 2016, Boris announced the readiness of the fifth album, "22". Most listeners and critics called it a discography masterpiece of Brejcha and best disc in his career. According to the music community, the huge studio and DJ experience of the author combined with still burning imagination same as 10 years ago, Boris Brach is generating a huge number of ideas, which are gradually issued in the form of new tracks.

In continuation of the album, the artist launches Boris Brejcha Showcase — a large audiovisual show, where the video is synchronized with the music and complemented by effects, which in total creates a much stronger impression on his performances. With these showcases Boris goes on tour to Brazil for the first time, not forgetting, of course, to take the famous Joker mask with him.

In 2017, Fckng Serious became the first European electronic music label, whose team went on a full-time bus tour in Europe, playing 10 big shows in 12 days. In 2018 Boris will make his debut at three major electronic festivals — Tomorrowland, Exit Festival, and Time Warp, the label's team goes to the second bus tour, this time in France, the result of the tour is impressive — all tickets are sold in all cities.

What's 2019? New album and new world tour — stay tuned for Boris and Fckng Serious!

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