Boris Brejcha in Novosibirsk
Friday, January 14
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Boris Brejcha
Boris Brejcha is a German DJ and producer. Describes his style as "High-Tech Minimal". Boris constantly uses the Venetian mask as his signature image, inspired by his first performance at the carnival in Rio, where he performed for the first time in Brazil.
Ann Clue
Ann Clue has long had a passion for music. Over the past few years, her energy and music have established her both on stage and behind the scenes as one of the female artists controlling dance floors around the world.

Ann has a unique aesthetic that has set her apart in a male-dominated industry, with many challenges as well as imprints on her career. Being part of the Fcking-Serious-Family, she has found her "power-up" mantra and is creating even more projects that will make you remember her name.
Boris Brejcha in Novosibirsk
The owner of the label "FCKNG SERIOUS", concealed behind a Venetian mask, will perform again in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don.

The music that he himself calls high-tech minimal is a dynamic mix of techno, minimal and electro. Powerful bass line and crazy effects tear any dance floor to shreds! His performances gather tens of thousands of fans around the world, and video stream views easily surpass the million views mark.

Before becoming the head of his own label, Boris released his music on a small German Autist Records and brought him an unprecedented profit. Then there was the legendary Harthouse and many other record companies, after which the whole world learned about the talent of our guest.

Now he is, perhaps, the most sought-after producer from Germany and all promoters, without exception, dream of getting into his tour schedule! And experienced clubbers will say that after 10 minutes of his performance, a bottle of water in your hands will boil ... after 15 minutes, the T-shirt will be completely wet, and after 20 you will love this music once and for all!
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